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En så kallad MUST READ. Gratis pdf-bok från Racelogic
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Magnus Thomé
Här sen Nov 2002
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Har nog tipsat om den förr men det är given läsning både för nybörjare och vi som kört ett tag:

https://www.vboxmotorsport.co.uk/index.php/en/applications/free-ebook- . . . .

1. Compound Corners
page 3
Compound Corners are common to almost every race circuit. Racing driver and instructor Nigel Greensall looks at examples from Silverstone, Misano, and Dubai circuits to give tips on how to negotiate compound corners. Extract here.

2. Slow Corners and Hairpins
page 9
More time is spent in slow corners than in fast corners, so you can often gain the most lap time by concentrating on them. Nigel uses video screenshots, circuit maps and videos to discuss his approach. Extract here.

3. How I found 4s a lap in 24 hours
page 16
Our MD puts the Video VBOX to the test and goes from novice to front runner in 24 hours. Read the blog here.

4. How to cut a second on Eau Rouge, Spa
page 21
Comparison video + data shows several techniques you can use to cut time on this famous section, and indeed any other fast corner. Extract here.

5. Long Corners
page 24
One racing driver reveals his secrets on how he tackles long corners, showing how he gained half a second on `Sunset Bend' at Sebring over other drivers using the traditional racing line. Extract here.

6. Vision and Cornering
page 42
ARDS grade A Racing Instructor, Ben Elliot, discusses the importance of where a driver is looking on the track, and why aligning head and eye movement while driving is so important.

7. Pro vs. Pro - Finding lap time gains in the most unlikely places
page 46
Professional racing driver, Nigel Greensall, provides an insight into how to find lap time gains in the most unlikely of places. Read the extract here.

8. Predictive Lap Timing
page 52
Learn how predictive lap timing is used in racing for instant driver feedback, as used in Video VBOX with the 'LineSnap' Predictive Lap Timing.

9. Finding time in the wet
page 56
Professional racing driver, Nigel Greensall, gives tips on how to find the grip on a wet and slippery track.

10. Landmark Decisions
page 60
Learn how to break down a race track into landmarks that will help with precision and relaxation, and ultimately, better lap times.

11. Getting on the gas
page 68
Ben Clucas - Grade A ARDS Instructor, former Australian Formula 3 champion, and racing driver with over a decade of experience in a wide variety of cars - takes you through the importance of correctly timing your throttle application.

12. Spa Masterclass
page 73
We follow Nigel Greensall round his record breaking lap of Spa in a world-famous Healey 3000, using many of the techniques previously discussed. Video and data download also available. Extract here.

13. Making Mistakes
page 82
Finding time when the only data you have to compare against is your own sounds counter-intuitive. Julian Thomas presents several instances where mistakes made in qualifying allowed him to discover several areas of improvement that he could put into practice when racing. Read exctract here.

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Hjälp mig! Spårval & Körteknik?
En så kallad MUST READ. Gratis pdf-bok från Racelogic
6 besök senaste veckan (5723 totalt)

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